Stadion Floriana Krygiera

Updated: 18.12.2019

Target capacity20 500
Capacity before works18 027
Country Poland
CategoryConstruction in progress
Construction 11/04/2019 - 04/2022
Cost PLN 364.4 million
Design PPIP / Dedeco
Contractor Doraco, PBG


Description: Stadion Floriana Krygiera

A whole lot of time had to pass between architectural competition in 2013 and the construction phase. The winning concept was changed entirely during this time, as did the extent of planned works. Instead of partial reconstruction and covering all of the auditorium, a brand new stadium is being built. As a result of these changes, cost grew from early 2013 estimates of PLN 48 million to official budget of PLN 364.4 million.

The resulting stadium received a nickname from the public early after renderings having been revealed, called the black bowl. This comes as a result of black architectural mesh being used as outer cladding, something not planned initially. The compact, single-tier auditorium will be able to accommodate over 20,000 people, all safely under new roof.

In order to enable constant use of the stadium for matchdays, construction was divided into two phases. First, the west stand (former curve) and south stand are being built and only after fans transfer to these sections demolition on the north side will commence.

Demolition of the two first stands began in April of 2019. Their replacement should be delivered in 2020, along with part of the neighbouring training academy that will include 7 fields. The entire stadium and academy should be delivered after 36 months.











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