Rose Bowl

Capacity89 702
Country United States of America
ClubsUCLA Bruins
Inauguration 28/10/1922 (California Golden Bears – USC Trojans)
Construction 1921–1922
Renovations 1928, 1949, 1982, 1998, 2010–2015
Record attendance 106,869 (1973 Rose Bowl)
Cost $272,000 (1922), $170 million (2015)
Design Myron Hunt
Address University of California at Los Angeles, 1001 Rose Bowl Drive, Pasadena, CA 91103


Rose Bowl – stadium description

Though in terms of design it was based on the older Yale Bowl, this stadium in Pasadena, California today is far more recognised than the original one, whether you consider the US or in fact the world. The stadium’s name derives from the Rose Bowl game, held here every year since January 1, 1923. Nicknamed “The Granddaddy of them all”, this place is where all “bowl games” took the name from.

The stadium lies in beautiful Arroyo Seco area just north of Los Angeles. It was initially built with a horseshoe shape back in 1922, but the open end got enclosed by 1928. To this day the bowl built then exists almost unchanged, only undergoing minor additions or reconfigurations.

With its immense size, the bowl was able to accommodate a stunning number of 104,091 people at peak (1972-1997), temporarily becoming the largest stadium throughout the country. With addition of seating, especially in the west and east zone (with backrests) its size decreased to some 92,200 today.

In 2010-2015 the largest upgrade so far was carried out. Planned for $152 million, it eventually cost over $170 million and lasted much longer than anticipated. As a result of the works, a large expansion of the west stand’s press and hospitality pavilion was carried out, improving the club’s commercial potential. The project’s price was over 600 times the original construction cost!

Rose Bowl became legendary as Los Angeles’ largest stadium, the Rose Bowl game site and, since 1982, the home of UCLA Bruins. But even putting all of the American football heritage aside, the stadium has far greater soccer history than many European venues.

First, it hosted the 1984 Olympics soccer finals. Second, this was where the 1994 World Cup final took place. Third, it also played host to the 1999 Women’s World Cup final. And we could continue with such list much longer: internationals played here by USA, Gold Cup games, MLS Cup, LA Galaxy and other soccer fixtures also took place here.



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