Stadion Miejski im. Władysława Króla (Stadion ŁKS-u)

Capacity18 029
Country Poland
ClubsŁKS Łódź
Inauguration 02/08/2015 (ŁKS – Pogoń Lwów, 2-1)
Construction 12/2013 – 07.2015 (phase I), 06/2019 – 04/2022 (phase II)
Cost PLN 94 M (phase I), PLN 129 M (phase II) / total PLN 223 M ($ 52 M)
Design Perbo-Inwestycje sp. z o.o. sp.k., DiG Sowińscy
Contractor Mirbud SA
Address Aleja Unii Lubelskiej 2, 94-020 Łódź


Stadion ŁKS-u Łódź – stadium description

When did the construction of the new stadium for ŁKS start?

The new ŁKS stadium was built next to its predecessor, just to the north of it. The first construction contract was signed in early 2012, with plans to build three stands of the new stadium, with an option to build a fourth in the future. Due to the bankruptcy of one of the companies responsible for the construction, the building did not take place and the contract was terminated after a year.

Another construction contract was signed in November 2013 with Mirbud. The plan was to build only one, the western stand, along with extensive supporting facilities. This time the work went smoothly and on 2 August 2015 the inaugural friendly match was played at the stadium. After the opening of the new stadium, the old facility (already partially demolished, although ŁKS still played matches there) was completely removed, and car parks were built in its place. With only one stand, the new stadium's capacity was 5,700 spectators.

When did the second stage of construction of the stadium at Lubelska Avenue start?

On 5 June 2019 another contract with Mirbud company was signed. This time for the second stage of construction, which included the completion of the missing stands on the north, east and south sides. The northern stand was decided to be equipped with additional office facilities. During the expansion, the facility remained fully functional and ŁKS continued to play its matches there. In autumn 2019, the turf heating system was launched.

Who became the patron of the new ŁKS Łódź stadium?

In the summer of 2021, the stadium was officially named after Wladyslaw Król, a ŁKS footballer from 1928 to 1946 who amassed 4 caps for Poland. As ŁKS coach he won both Polish league (1958) and Polish Cup (1957). Władysław Król was a multi-talented athlete, he also played ice hockey (he was in the Polish ice hockey national team at the 1936 Winter Olympics and the 1938 World Championships).

Is the ŁKS stadium the only stadium investment in Łódź?

The facility is one of three major stadium investments launched in Łódź in the second decade of the 21st century, alongside the new Widzew stadium (2015-2017) and the speedway stadium (2016-2018).

When was the opening of all the stands of the new ŁKS stadium?

The opening of the stadium after the completion of all four stands took place on 22 April 2022. The celebrations included a concert by Margaret, a presentation of all sections of ŁKS as well as partner clubs and football academy teams, and the awarding of badges to well-deserved ŁKS athletes. At 8.30 PM ŁKS hosted a game of the 29th matchweek of the first league against Chrobry Głogów (0:1).

What does the new ŁKS Łódź stadium look like?

The new ŁKS stadium has a typical football layout, with single tier stands surrounding the pitch on all sides. The capacity of the stadium is 18,029 spectators, slightly more than that of derby rival Widzew. The stands are fully covered by a membrane roof with a glazed ending. LED lighting is embedded in the roof of the stadium.

The colour scheme of the seats is kept in ŁKS colours, white and red (predominantly white). On the eastern stand the chairs are arranged in the inscription "ŁKS ŁÓDŹ". The visitors' sector, separated by barriers, is located in a section of the north stand. In the corners of the stadium there are two big screens and a scoreboard with a clock.

The western section has extensive sports and administrative facilities on four floors, two levels of a glazed VIP area, changing rooms, showers, fitness and catering facilities. Additional facilities are also provided in the north stand, which offers approximately 3,100 m² of usable office space.

The facility is part of a multi-functional sports complex, together with the adjacent Atlas Arena and a smaller sports hall with a capacity of 3,000 spectators. Right next to the complex is Łódź's second largest railway station, Łódź Kaliska. About 2 km from the stadium there is a training centre of ŁKS Academy in Minerska Street, which has five pitches.

Who is the user of the stadium at Unii Lubelskiej Avenue in Łódź?

The stadium is owned by the city and managed by MAKiS. The main users of the facility are football players from ŁKS Łódź, although the stadium is also adapted for rugby matches and non-sporting events, such as concerts.



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