Centrum Sportów Motorowych (Stadion Orła Łódź)

Capacity10 350
700 (VIP seats)
50 (Press seats)
20 (Disabled seats)
Country Poland
ClubsKŻ Orzeł Łódź
Inauguration 29/07/2018
Construction 19/04/2016 - 08/2018
Cost PLN 49.8 million
Design Koszt-Bud
Contractor Molewski
Address ul. 6 Sierpnia 71, 90-001 Łódź


Stadion Orła Łódź – stadium description

Though its address was inherited after the old speedway stadium at ul. 6 Sierpnia, the new stadium was built in a slightly different location, along al. Włókniarzy. Its footprint doesn't correspond to the old ground's, which used to function directly to the east. It was partly demolished upon opening of the successor in order to make way for parking and enable safe crowd circulation.

Thanks to the construction process being carried out beside the old stadium, Orzeł didn't have to relocate to a different city (there was no other racing track in Łódź) for the construction period. This proved very sensible because the project took much more than expected – instead of just over 1 year completion came after over 2 years. Being forced to play outside the home city could have been deadly for the team.

Promised as one of three main stadia in Łódź, this one is the smallest and the only one throughout the city to enably motorcycle speedway racing. For economic reasons only the auditorium is covered, though it was desired by the sports club to also provide shelter for the racing track, which would have made the venue weatherproof. Still, despite not going that far, Łódź had to spend nearly PLN 50 million instead of under 44 million planned initially.

Despite its oval shape the stadium is rather compact, under 200m long and just 125m wide, even with the western main office/hospitality building (the facade of which is adorned by a symbolic eagle outline). The racing track is 321 meters long, which means a football field could not be fitted without major intervention.



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