Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium

Capacity58 325
Country United States of America
ClubsMemphis Tigers
Inauguration 16/09/1965
Construction 1963-1965
Renovations 1987, 2011, 2013
Cost $3.7 million (1965), $19.5 million (1987)
Design Yeates, Gaskill & Rhodes
Adres 335 South Hollywood Street, Memphis, TN 38104, USA


Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium – stadium description

Plans of a new football stadium in Memphis were launched as an attempt to draw Liberty Bowl games to the city. That idea ended with success in 1965, when the ground opened. Initial seating layout was unusual, the bowl was much taller in the south-west, topped with a big press box. Steep stands and close proximity to the field gave the stadium recognition for sightlines.

Capacity upon opening was some 50,0000 and the entire construction cost of under $4 million was recouped after just 16 sell-out games. And that with very reasonable tickets of $5-6.

Since 1965 sell-outs were owed primarily to the Liberty Bowl and Memphis Tigers NCAA football. While there were numerous other tenants and one-off events, these two are the only ones present at the stadium since its opening.

In 1987 the stadium went through its only expansion to date. The north-east side grew to match its greater “vis-à-vis”. One major exception is that instead of the press box, this one received a grander VIP building on top.



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