University of Kansas Memorial Stadium

Capacity50 071
Country United States of America
ClubsKansas Jayhawks
Inauguration 29/10/1921
Construction 1920-1921
Renovations 1925, 1927, 1963, 1965, 1997-1999
Cost $225,000
Record attendance 53,530 (Kansas Jayhawks - Northern Illinois)
Design LaForce Bailey, Clement C. Williams (1920), Glenn Livingood Pezler Architects, HOK Sport (1997)
Address 1101 Maine St., Lawrence, KS 66045, USA


KU Memorial Stadium – stadium description

Although the stadium was opened in 1921, efforts to create a prosperous sports complex in Lawrence date back to 1890s. Gradual development of local sport led to a new stadium being planned in 1920, which was mostly funded by the community – students, faculty and alumni. Boosted by coinciding American football success, they raised $225,000, a very impressive sum at that time. The new stadium was dedicated to University of Kansas representatives fallen during WWI.

Work was launched already in 1920 along the design ordered by Director of Athletics Forrest C. “Phog” Allen, who appreciated a semi-open horseshoe layout. To achieve this the south side was left empty and remains such today. During opening in 1921 the stadium had only two side stands, but by 1927 it received its desired form, accommodating 38,000 people.

Further revamps came in 1960s, as the west stand got its additional rows, followed by almost identical addition on the east side in 1965. By late twentieth century the ground was seriously outdated and thus two offices joined forces to redesign it. The wets grandstand saw expansion of the press/corporate facilities above regular bleachers, while floodlight masts and a giant screen were also mounted. More changes are expected in upcoming years, especially in terms of commercial potential.

Week-to-week use is provided by NCAA team Kansas Jayhawks. Meanwhile the provision of an athletic track for years assured that annual 3-day Kansas Relay could take place every year in April. This tradition ended in 2014, when the track was removed.



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