Paycor Stadium

Capacity65 515
7,600 (Business seats)
Country United States of America
ClubsCincinnati Bengals
Other names Paul Brown Stadium (2000–2022)
Inauguation 19/08/2000
Construction 25/04/1998 - 07/2000
Cost $ 455 million
Design NBBJ
Contractor Turner Construction, Barton Malow, D.A.G.
Address 1 Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-3418, USA


Paycor Stadium – stadium description

In late 1990s it was decided that Cincinnati’s Ohio River wharf will change dramatically. Existing Riverfront Stadium, though built only in 1970, was considered unsuitable for Bengals (NFL) and Reds (MLB), which prompted the decision to build two separate stadia for American football and baseball. The football one was planned to the west, while baseball stadium to the east, partly in the place of Riverfront Stadium.

Bengals new home was the first one to get built, seeing construction begin in April 1998 and end in the summer of 2000. At that time it was one of the most modern and impressive stadiums across the US and beyond.

Its outer appearance was very impressive. The dynamic silhouette was achieved mostly with structural elements, like the steel roof topping west and east side. This is where the stands reach peak at 47.8m. Stadium design was carried out by NBBJ and most notably Dan Meis, who later opened his own office.

The concrete and steel giant rose significantly above surrounding land and could be dwarfed only by downtown office towers, which many fans are able to see during matchdays. Lower north and south ends provide interesting views on the city skyline and the state of Kentucky just across the river. The stadium stands nearly on the border of Ohio.

Comprised of three tiers along the field, stands can hold over 65,000 people for most events. The number includes (what was very high percentage at that time) some 7,600 business seats and 114 skyboxes.

From the very opening the stadium has been the home to Bengals, who have their training fields just outside. Also thanks to the team’s tiger theme, the stadium is nicknamed The Jungle. But aside of the NFL side, many other teams in American football and association football also played host on numerous occasions. Since 2012 the venue also hosts large concerts and every year a major… chess tournament.



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