Memorial Stadium, Lincoln

Capacity82 841
Country United States of America
Inauguration 20/10/1923
Renovations 1964, 1965, 1966, 1972, 1998, 2006, 2013
Record attendance 91,585 (Cornhuskers - Miami Hurricanes, 20/09/2014)
Cost $ 430,000
Design John Latenser, Sr (1923)
Contractor Parsons Construction Co.
Address 600 Stadium Drive, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508, USA


Memorial Stadium – stadium description

Campaign to fund the $400,000 stadium for University of Nebraska-Lincoln was launched in 1922 and proved successful enough for the 31,000-capacity ground to be ready by October 1923. Back then it had two grandstands in the west and east (current lower tiers of the stadium’s both sides).

It survived in this shape and size until mid-1960’s when the new south stand was erected. Later expanded, the single-tiered section is distinctive due to its unusual shape. Instead of curved or more rectangular layout, various sections of the stand are angled differently towards the field. By the end of that decade, similar sections were added in the north, making the capacity nearly 65,000.

Until late 1990s the stadium had nearly only general admission seats. This changed when new pressbox was erected in the west, accompanied by vast corporate zones with skyboxes and open-air sections. In 2012-2013 similar expansion was carried out in the east, setting regular capacity at 85,000.

Record attendances are way higher than the nominal size, though. Since 2013 top games were watched by 91,000+ and the stadium boasts the NCAA’s record for over 340 sellouts in a row!

The name Memorial Stadium was initially dedicated to Nebraskans who fought in the Civil War and American-Spanish War, later also to those giving their lives in further wars.



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