Kinnick Stadium

Capacity70 585
Country United States of America
CityIowa City
ClubsIowa Hawkeyes
Other names Iowa Stadium (1929–1972)
Inauguration 05/10/1929
Renovations 1956, 1983, 1990, 2006
Cost $ 497,000 (1929), $ 86.8 million (2004-2006)
Design Proudfoot, Rawson, and Souers (1929), HNTB (2006)
Contractor Tanger Construction Company
Address 886 Stadium Drive, Iowa City, Iowa 52242, USA


Kinnick Stadium – stadium description

Opened after just 7 months of around-the-clock work in 1929, this stadium in western Iowa City was then called simply Iowa Stadium. Owned by University of Iowa was indeed pride of the state as it had two vast grandstands (partly sunken, partly built with concrete and steel) with capacity of 25,000+ each.

No major changes were carried out until 1956, 1983 and 1990, when additions of new sections behind northern and southern goals allowed it to exceed 70,000, the capacity it has today. To date the greatest renovation came in 2004-2006, when nearly $90 million was invested to reconstruct the entire south end and add a new press/VIP tower in the west.  

The stadium’s name changed in 1972 to honour Nile Kinnick. He was a rising star of American football in 1939, when the WWII forced him to join the army. He was killed during a training flight near the coast of Venezuela.



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