Miejski Stadion Sportowy w Sandomierzu (Stadion Wisły Sandomierz)

Capacity2 221
Country Poland
ClubsSKS Wisła Sandomierz
Inauguration 03.05.1932 (Wisła Sandomierz - Strzelec)
Renovations 1972-1979, 2007-2009 (new stadium)
Cost 17 mln zł (2009)
Address ul. Koseły 3a, 27-600 Sandomierz


Stadion Wisły Sandomierz – stadium description

First ground in this location was built in 1929 according to some sources and in 1932 along others. With opening game being scheduled for May 3rd 1932, the latter seems more probable. Since the beginning it was crucial to development of both football (mostly by local club Wisła) and athletics in Sandomierz.

Even during WWII activities didn’t cease, though games couldn’t be played officially. During one of them, after first half, an execution was carried out by partisan group Jędrusie on a Nazi authority representative.

First major redevelopment came as late as in 1972-79, when new stands with bleachers were erected along the pitch and running track. New infrastructure included changing rooms that beforehand used to be located in a shed.

A lot more impressive works came in 2007-09 with two completely new stands with partial cover and seats. Main grandstand also comprises office and conference space and has a viewing deck on top. There were also tennis courts and artificial training pitch created next to it, all at a cost of PLN 17 million (€4m).