Stadion Miejski w Annopolu (Stadion Wisły Annopol)

252 (Covered seats)
Country Poland
ClubsMGKS Wisła Annopol
Inauguration 08/05/2012
Construction 2011-2012
Cost PLN 850,000
Address Lubelska, 23-235 Annopol


Stadion Wisły Annopol – stadium description

For many years the stadium of Wisła Annopol was more a case for shame and concern than local pride. Rapidly dilapidating wooden grandstand for roughly 900 people was eventually replaced as Poland joined the EU and option for external funding became open.

Located east of the town, the area went through thorough redevelopment in 2011-2012, which resulted in a new administrative building, parking and – above all – a new grandstand along the east side. Interestingly, the auditorium is located some 2 meters above field of play, offering all fans a grear overview of the playing area.

The project was divided in two phases, the latter of which included a 350-square-meter canopy above the central section of available seats, protecting roughly 250 people from rain. All of the project was worth over PLN 800,000, of which almost half came from the EU.



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