Stadion Wisłoki Dębica

Capacity1 988
1,248 (West stand)
320 (East stand)
420 (Away section)
Country Poland
ClubsKS Wisłoka Dębica
Inauguration 22/07/1958
Construction 1957-1958
Contractor R.P.Z.B. w Rzeszowie
Address Parkowa 1, 39-200 Dębica


Stadion Wisłoki – stadium description

In order to properly celebrate 50 years of Unia Dębica, one of Polish Subcarpathia's oldest clubs, it was decided that the team would get a new stadium. Its construction began in 1957 and was largely financed by local tire plant.

It took less than a year to complete, just in time for July, when new projects were usually delivered during the socialist era, commemorating the PKWN manifesto of July 22. Also along tradition, the stadium was opened with a parade of athletes. That same year the sports team changed its name to Wisłoka (after local river) and the stadium has since been known commonly simply as Wisłoka's stadium.

Contrary to the old stadium at ul. Wilusza, the new ground was able to hold several thousand people, enough to cope with demand after the 1957 promotion to Poland's third tier. In the following decades the stadium saw promotions to the 2nd league and even a Polish Cup quarterfinal but also played host to non-football events of both sporting and community nature.

Its current shape is the outcome of several renovation efforts, which saw the west stand expanded and equipped with bright blue seating. It also offers a terrace, however it's not officially in use. The east side remains the main one due to proximity of the club offices and changing rooms. A modest roof protects selected guests while also holding the commentators' cabin. The east side also hosts the away enclosure.

The stadium plays a big role in Wisłoka's fanbase, as proven by volunteer efforts of supporters to renovate the ground's paintwork in 2016.



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