Stadion 1000-lecia Państwa Polskiego w Zawierciu (Stadion Warty Zawiercie)

Capacity1 500
1,138 (Seats)
120 (Covered seats)
Country Poland
ClubsMKS Warta Zawiercie
Inauguration 01/05/1966
Construction 1962-1966
Address Leśna 42-400, 42-400 Zawiercie, Poland


Stadion Warty Zawiercie – stadium description

The stadium's full name in English would be the 'Stadium of the Millennium of the Polish State'. As the name suggests, it was opened in 1966, celebrating 1,000 years since the christianisation of Poland.

And, since it was built under socialism, the opening took place on May Day, as you may have guessed. Not only that, bulk of the work was carried out in the so called 'subbotnik' mode, via unpaid volunteer labour of local industries (largely by the steel mill workers and machinery), citizens and children.

Modeled on larger stadia of Poland at the time, this simple landfill structure offered 16,000 capacity upon opening, a crowd size that has rarely been seen here over the years. It's thus no wonder that capacity has contnued to fall since 1960s, especially following seating installation of the 2000s.

The stadium's current capacity is below 1,500 with only the west stand and away section left in operation. Remaining parts of the decaying terraces were dismantled.



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