Stadion Sportowy KS Wanda

Capacity8 000
Country Poland
ClubsSpeedway Wanda Kraków
Inauguration 1957
Renovations 1993, 2009, 2014-2016, 2016, 2017-2018
Record attendance 25,000 (Poland - England in speedway, 11/10/1960)
Address Ul. Odmogile 1B, 31-751 Kraków


Stadion Wandy Kraków – stadium description

Located straight north from the socialist Central Square in Nowa Huta, Wanda's stadium was built in 1957 and at the time was among the most impressive stadia dedicated to motorcycle speedway, one of the first to have floodlights around the racing track. However, its professional career came to an abrupt end as the sports team collapsed already in 1965, seizing to exist for 28 years.

Abandoned and underinvested, the stadium gradually deteriorated and got nearly entirely overgrown by vegetation, leaving only the football field usable. Following the end of socialism, Wanda was reactivated in 1993. Six central sections of the west stand were renovated in order to allow some fans inside. Two further sections in the east stand joined later but Wanda was disbanded yet again.

The biggest redevelopment as of now began with the club's third coming to life, in 2009. Starting in 2014, piece by piece, the south curve was reclaimed from nature, then joined by several areas of the north curve (2016). Finally, in 2017 and 2018 the entire auditorium was rejuvenated.

This is when the stadium officially became an all-seater. Interestingly, the landfill basis created in 1957 is still there, the rows of terracing were simply covered in fresh paving onto which seats were installed. Eventually floodlights are hoped to return, while skyboxes should join the west stand.

Even though the football field has been in use more often than the racing track, the stadium was never famous for football. Most notable events were always accompanied by the engine roar. In October 1960 a massive crowd of 25,000 people watched Poland get beaten by England in speedway, one of two internationals being held in Nowa Huta historically.



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