Stadion im. Edwarda Jancarza (Stadion Stali Gorzów)

Capacity15 024
7,444 (Lower tier)
7,349 (Upper tier)
231 (Tribune of honour)
1,550 (Away section)
Country Poland
CityGorzów Wielkopolski
ClubsStal Gorzów Wielkopolski
Floodlights 1100 lux
Inauguration 1951 ("Stalowy But" tournament)
Construction 1950 - 1951
Renovations 2008 - 2011
Cost 40 mln zł (2008 - 2011)
Design Michał Heck (Romankiewicz + Heck)
Address ul. Śląska, 66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski


Stadion Stali Gorzów – stadium description

In its original form the speedway stadium in Gorzów Wielkopolski was opened in 1951. Lying in south-western part of the city, it offered single-tiered stands on landfill. This only changed in the twenty-first century, after the municipality claimed ownership in 2003 and invested heavily in redevelopment works.

The nearly complete revamp took place in 2008-2011 and was divided into two phases. All lower stands were renovated, while a steel-supported upper tiers were added first over the east and later over the west. As the stadium had a tight plot, it grew upwards and offers each spectator a seat in no more than 25 meters from the racing track.

With 18 meters at peak roof point, the stadium stands out from nearby buildings, while its new floodlights (old were obstructing view of the track) are located atop the entire structure. Interestingly, though the Tribune of honour and entire corporate pavilion are located in the west, there are no parking sites next to the main stand. Due to plot constraints all parking, including infrastructure for racers, is located south and east of the stadium.

From 1997 the stadium bears the name of Edward Jancarz, Gorzów’s most famous speedway racer of all times. Also, starting in 2014, the team decided to honour its most important stars by placing their names along one of the primary access routes.



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