Stadion Miejski w Pilźnie (Stadion Rzemieślnika Pilzno)

Country Poland
Renovations 2018
Address Ul. Legionów 30, 39-220 Pilzno


Stadion Rzemieślnika Pilzno – stadium description

The municipal stadium in Pilzno is located near the north access route to town, the Legions street. It offers one grandstand with 700 covered seats. All of the auditorium is elevated to give more room to athletes – both Rzemieślnik players and local youth teams – and offices of the football club.

With the front row located over 2 meters above ground and close to the field, viewing conditions would have been very good. However, 8 pillars supporting the roof spoil it for many of the spectators.

The stadium underwent a major revamp in the summer of 2018, giving it a fresh look. Unfortunately, lack of the main sponsor's name on the wstern facade caused some controversy, because at the time the team's name was Rzemieślnik-Taurus.

One area still in dire need of investment is the away section of the stadium, currently a rotting pen behind the south goal.



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