Stadion Miejski w Pionkach (Stadion Prochu)

128 (Covered seats)
64 (Away section)
Country Poland
ClubsKS Proch Pionki 1926
Inauguration 1929
Renovations 1932, 1948, 1953, 1986, 2013-2018
Address ul. Sportowa 1, 26-670 Pionki


Stadion Prochu Pionki – stadium description

Land for a new stadium beside st. Barbara's church was donated by local industry in late 1928. In less than a year first football games by Proch Pionki were held, with a modest wooden grandstand able to hold 300 people. By 1932 the stadium was also able to accommodate athletics and following WWII the old grandstand was replaced by a newer and larger one.

That grandstand was later dismantled in 1986, when landfill stands were created around the entire running track. Though very low in height, they gave the stadium its peak nominal capacity of 5,000 people. Proch didn't need such scale despite ambitions of playing on national level, however occassionally there were indeed thousands of fans in attendance.

The heyday didn't last long, ended like many in industrial towns across Poland: regime change brought collapse of the centrally managed industries and status of their football teams went down significantly. The stadium entered the 21st century in the state of disrepair, having been transferred to municipal ownership in early 1990s.

The situation changed between 2013 and 2018, when a few phases of redevelopment changed its appearance completely. No longer needed, stands around the track were raised and only on main grandstand was delivered in the south, with less than 1,000 individual seats. In turn, the revamped stadium can not only host events but also offers extensive facilities for amateurs and professionals alike.



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