Stadion Piłkarski w Kielcach (Stadion Korony Kielce)

Capacity5 000
300 (Covered seats)
Country Poland
Floodlights 300 lux
Inauguration 1924
Renovations 1975, 2004, 2006
Address ul. Szczepaniaka 29, 25-118 Kielce


Stadion Korony Kielce – stadium description

One of two municipal stadiums located in the southern district of Baranówek, the football ground in Kielce sits on the site of former military manouvers. It dates back to 1924 as a sports ground but earned its fame as the siritual home of Korona Kielce when the team moved here in 1975. Since then players and fans spent 30 years here, reaching their most desired goal – promotion to Ekstraklasa.

While the venue never met all top division criteria, Korona was conditionally allowed to host 7 of its 2005 games here, before eventually moving to Poland's first modern stadium, Arena Kielc. Thanks to the club's progress, local field received new irrigation and CCTV systems, as well as sets of new seats. While it never got a matchday floodlight system, it has lights to lengthen its current use as a training venue.

Structurally vast majority of fans are located in the western and eastern embankment stands. Both ends are curved, remnants of now removed running track. They offer exceptionally poor sightlines and were never in high demand. The main stand in the west holds 300 people under a roof.



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