Stadion OSiR Czarnków

Capacity1 360
Country Poland
ClubsMKS Noteć Czarnków
Address ul. Nowa 8, 64-700 Czarnków, Poland


Stadion OSiR Czarnków – stadium description

It's one of the town's two major stadiums and the only one to have a full-sized natural field. What it misses is a professional running track as the 4-lane dirt track has curved very flat due to the stadium's spatial constraints.

It offers two landfill grandstands, each with seating-only accommodation. The main west side offers 960 seats, the east one – 400. Weekly use is provided by the now-amateur team Noteć, established back in 1920.

To increase actual use of the stadium, there's a skating ramp and an outdoor workout area created behind the south goal. Also, in winter the running track is converted into an ice rink.



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