Stadion SOSiR w Słubicach (Stadion Olimpijski)

Capacity3 056
200 (Away section)
Country Poland
ClubsMKS Polonia Słubice
Other names Ostmark-Stadion (1927-1945)
Inauguration 27.05.1927
Construction 1914 - 1927
Renovations 2003
Address ul. Sportowa 1, 69-100 Słubice

Description: Stadion Olimpijski w Słubicach

The design and early construction stages began already in 1914. Before the official opening in 1927, already some major events took place in parts of the complex, which includes four side pitches, tennis courts and swimming pools.   

Initially named Ostmark-Stadion, the ground was located in south-eastern part of Frankfurt am Oder. Being close to the Polish border it was sight of the Nazi rise to power, with exhibition by NSDAP forces or visit of Adolf Hitler being among notable events in 1930s. As WWII ended, eastern part of Frankfurt was given to Poland and transformed into a new city, Slubice.

This didn’t mean anything changing for the stadium itself, quite literally. It remained almost unchanged until early twenty-first century. But even today most notable modifications are only those adapting the venue to modern requirements, like individual seats or enclosed away fans section. Most importantly, the historical values have been retained, with “Reformstil” architecture of the dominating south-eastern building.

Currently the stadium is subject to a civic bid to become recognized by authorities as building historical significance.



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