Stadion MOSiR w Kraśniku (Stadion Stali Kraśnik)

Capacity2 000
1,960 (Seats)
40 (Away section)
Country Poland
ClubsFKS Stal Kraśnik
Inauguration 1955
Construction 1955-1956
Renovations 1962-1964, 2002-2003, 2004, 2017
Address ul. Żwirki i Wigury 2, 23-200 Kraśnik


Stadion Stali Kraśnik – stadium description

The municipal stadium in Kraśnik was built back in 1955, when the industrial estate wasn't part of the town at all. Opened as one of the first major buildings during the post-world-war expansion, the stadium sits not far away from where the Nazi concentration camp Budzyń was. Within the current administrative division it's at the north-western border of the city.

Its modest landfill stands of 5 rows each are revealed to the beholder after you pass the main gate and somewhat elevated entrance plaza, awarding a picturesque view of the stadium, training field and other leisure facilities, all with dense forest as the backdrop. It's thus no wonder that already in 1956 it was considered one of the most charming stadia in the region.

From 2003 it's been gradually renovated, beginning with installation of 1,960 seats, through new field a year later and ending with thorough renovation and expansion of 2017. While the auditorium didn't need expansion, a 2-floor pavilion was built beside the main stand, next to the rebuilt speaker tower.