Dozbud Arena (Stadion Miejski w Ząbkach)

Capacity2 100
1,783 (Main stand)
250 (Away section)
Country Poland
ClubsMKS Ząbkovia Ząbki
Other names Dolcan Arena
Renovations 2009, 2010-2012, 2015
Cost PLN 17 million (2010-2012)
Record attendance 1,350 (Dolcan Ząbki - Chrobry Głogów, 02/10/2015)
Design Archipiso Sp. z o.o. (2010-2012)
Contractor Budimpol (2010-2012)
Address ul. Słowackiego 21, 05-091 Ząbki


Dozbud Arena – stadium description

The stadium in Ząbki has stands on three sides of the pitch, though some of them on the east and North sides are temporary structures, raised in 2009 to meet minimum requirement of 2,000 seats. That year other minor improvements were done like the surveillance system.

But most important works started in 2010 with work on a new 1,783-seat south stand began. It was ready by the 2012/13 season, providing not only new infrastructure for players, but also new offices for both local club and municipal sports management centre.

In 2015 the stadium was equipped with floodlighting and with limited demand one temporary stand was removed from behind the east end, making room for additional parking.



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