Stadion Miejski w Toruniu im Grzegorza Duneckiego (Stadion Elany Toruń)

Capacity4 300
Country Poland
ClubsTKP Elana Toruń
Inauguration 1961
Renovations 1997-2004, 2007, 2010
Address ul.Gen. J. Bema 23/29 Toruń


Description: Stadion Grzegorza Duneckiego

Beginnings of Toruń's main football and athletics stadium reach 1961 but the oval venue waited until 1997 for renovations to bring its standard up to demand. It took nearly 7 years to deliver works considered to have regional significance.

By 2004 the building offered 6,500 capacity, of which nearly 5,000 were seated. Thankfully, it wasn't the end, which meant that a brand new timber-supported roof emerged above the west stand. New seats were also installed and along came a synthetic training field, hockey field and athletics facilities compliant with major IAAF requirements.

As of 2019 the stadium has no floodlights but these are supposed to be installed soon, if only to meet league requirements by home club Elana Toruń.

Over the years it hosted a long list of domestic and international events, though it's much more impressive for track and field than football – including Polish championships and the 2009 and 2017 Polonia Games (for members of Polish diasporas worldwide). But even football silverware was awarded here as the women's Polish Cup final took place in 2012.

Grzegorz Dunecki, the stadium's nameholder, was a Polish sprinted associated with Toruń, famous for his results before WWII.



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