Stadion Miejski w Toruniu im Grzegorza Duneckiego (Stadion Elany Toruń)

Capacity4 300
Country Poland
ClubsTKP Elana Toruń
Renovations 2007, 2010
Address ul.Gen. J. Bema 23/29 Toruń


Description: Stadion Grzegorza Duneckiego

Though not the biggest in Toruń, the stadium at Bema St. is centerpiece for the city's football and athletics events. Subject to major redevelopments since the start of 21st century, it has been converted into an all-seater with over 4,000 seats, covered main grandstand and high quality running track. Apart from floodlights (basis for four masts is ready, but lacking the pylons themselves) it fulfills almost all domestic requirements.

Its patron is Grzegorz Dunecki, Poland's prime sprinter in years preceding outbreak of WWII.