Stadion Miejski im. Janusza Kusocińskiego w Świdnicy

Country Poland
ClubsMKS Polonia-Stal Świdnica
Inauguration 20.09.2018 (Poland - Czechia U16, 3-1)
Construction 2017-2018
Cost PLN 8 million
Contractor Saltex / DABRO-BAU, BUD-ZIEM
Address ul. Śląska 35a, 58-100 Świdnica


Stadion Miejski w Świdnicy – stadium description

Historically, the municipal stadium in Świdnica had one grandstand in the west, landfill-based. This layout hasn't changed, although it's a brand new stadium, following 1.5-year-long reconstruction that concluded in September of 2018. Following reopening, the stadium received the name of Janusz Kusociński, Polish runner and gold medalist from the Los Angeles Olympics.

The project didn't go without issues. Due to growing delays, in 2017 the first contractor, Saltex, was removed from the project. It was then taken over by a joint venture of DABRO-BAU and BUD-ZIEM.

Reinauguration of the ground was commemorated by a U16 international between Poland and neighbouring Czechia, as well as track and field events. After all, the stadium offers a 4-lane running track and several other amenities for jumpers and throwers. The football tenant, Polonia-Stal, can hold games up to the 4th tier here without fears of not meeting infrastructural criteria. The capacity of 999 people is exactly the legal limit for what is considered a mass event.



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