Stadion Miejski w Olecku (Stadion Czarnych Olecko)

Capacity2 000
599 (Seats)
126 (Covered seats)
56 (Away section)
Country Poland
ClubsMLKS Czarni Olecko
Inauguration 1930
Renovations 2010
Cost PLN 7.42 million (2010)
Address ul. Parkowa 1, 19-400 Olecko


Stadion Czarnych Olecko – stadium description

The municipal stadium Olecko was built in 1930 as part of a larger recreational complex along the bank of Olecko Wielkie lake. Official sources claim the stadium and its secondary infrastructure were used as a training centre by German Olympians ahead of the 1936 Berlin Olympics (Olecko was then under German authority).

With one sloped grass-terrace in the west, the stadium was open towards the lake and surrounding park. The rare three-step terrace remains to date and wasn’t changed significantly until 2010, when seats were installed over parts of it. Central section, covered in stone, went through more change with a vast wooden roof topping it.



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