Stadion Miejski w Gubinie

Capacity2 000
454 (Seats including 27 roofed places)
Country Poland
ClubsMLKS Carina Gubin
Inauguration 01/06/1935
Construction 1934-1935
Address ul. Sikorskiego 89, 66-620 Gubin


Stadion Miejski w Gubinie – stadium description

Hidden from the eye of passers-by, the largest stadium in Gubin is located north of the town proper, surrounded by high trees. Its history dates back to the Nazi Germany days, when Guben was a completely German town.

It's under the reign of Adolf Hitler that a massive stadium was awarded to Guben, able to hold more people than the entire population, approximately 25,000. On top of the stands a memorial to German soldiers slayed in WWI was created, later removed.

The proud stadium hosted not only sporting events, but also Hitlerjugend training sessions or NSDAP rallies. During one of them Hitler was supposedly expected to turn up, but his presence was never confirmed.

After WWII the town was divided into two and the stadium landed in Gubin, on the Polish side. It lies just over 100 meters from the boarder at nearest point. Demand for such a large stadium wasn't there anymore, it wouldn't even exist if the stadium remained in Germany.

It thus fell into gradual disrepair and eventually most of the landfill terracing was removed, even if the landfill itself exists as a great memory of the stadium's original scale. Only minor sections of benching and seats were created near the centre of the field, though many spectators still choose to stand atop the stands, from which the view seems better.

Over the years several clubs in Gubin played their games here, including the likes of Gubinianka, Granica and, most recently, Carina.



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