Stadion Miejski w Ropczycach (Stadion RCSiR)

Capacity1 993
200 (Away section)
Country Poland
ClubsMKS Błękitni Ropczyce
Renovations 2013-2014
Cost PLN 5 million
Contractor Skanska
Address ul. Mickiewicza 56, Ropczyce


Stadion Miejski w Ropczycach – stadium description

Municipal stadium in Ropczyce (Subcarpathia) exists in its current form since 2014, when it was delivered after complete reconstruction, with new field and 4-lane running track. Though the ground already had a significant landfill grandstand before, it was completely demolished and replaced by a new structure.

The western stand was erected with prefabricated concrete, with steeper rows and better sightlines. It also shelters a significant plaza below, used for maintenance storage. Financed largely by EU funds, the structure was designed from the start to receive a roof but that feature wasn't implemented initially due to financial limitations.

In 2018 the town undertook efforts to deliver the roof atop half of the stand. Once delivered, the stadium was to receive the name of Centenary of Polish Independence, celebrated in 2018. However, tender had failed and with no company interested in the project the roof was abandoned again. So was the renaming.



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