Stadion Miejski w Radzyniu Podlaskim

Capacity1 000
60 (Covered seats)
Country Poland
CityRadzyń Podlaski
ClubsLKS Orlęta Spomlek Radzyń Podlaski
Inauguration 1932
Renovations 1948, 2000, 2004, 2005
Address ul. Warszawska 77, 21-300 Radzyń Podlaski


Stadion Miejski w Radzyniu – stadium description

Almost from the beginning of football in Radzyń Podlaski games were held at the meadows in the Rabsztyn district, where in 1932 the very first municipal stadium was built. Initially with a running track, wooden grandstand and a swimming pool beside it, the stadium is now almost completely different. The single only element of the old structures is the historic gateway pavilion in the south, where currently a small museum is located.

During WWII, for a brief period, the stadium was only available for use of Nazi soldiers, but after interventions Polish citizens were allowed back in. Once the war ended, major overhaul followed. In 1948 the old wooden grandstand was replaced by a new concrete one, existing after upgrades to this day along the west side.

Afterwards only secondary changes were made until 2000, when local dairy cooperative began strongly supporting the local football team. Seats were installed in the west, accompanied by a small eastern covered press section. Then in 2005 the modern club offices and a cafeteria were added in the south-western corner.

Currently the stadium has two training fields directly next to it. One of them, along the west side, dates back to 1986, while the southern one replaced the old swimming pool already in the new millennium.



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