Stadion Miejski w Ostrowie Wielkopolskim

Capacity12 000
Country Poland
CityOstrów Wielkopolski
ClubsTŻ Ostrovia
Inauguration 24/06/1928
Address ul. Marsz. Józefa Piłsudskiego 64, 63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski


Stadion Miejski w Ostrowie Wielkopolskim – stadium description

What is the pre-war history of the Stadion Miejski in Ostrów Wielkopolski?

Stadion Miejski (Municipal Stadium) in Ostrów Wielkopolski was opened on June 24, 1928. The act of commissioning was done by Józef Srokowski, starosta powiatu (head of the county) at that time. Originally, the stadium was called the ‘Stadion Wychowania Fizycznego i Przysposobienia Wojskowego’ (Stadium of Physical Education and Military Organisation).

In May 1931, the Klub Motocyklowy Ostrów Poznański (Ostrów Poznański Motorcycle Club) was founded. From June to October 1931, work was underway at the stadium to create a speedway track that could be used by motorcyclists. The first competition on the new track was held on November 8, 1931. The track was then 500 m long. The last races before World War II took place on October 17, 1937.

What was the story of the Municipal Stadium in Ostrów Wielkopolski after World War II?

After World War II, speedway was quickly reactivated in Ostrów Wielkopolski and the first races were held at the stadium on August 25, 1946. In 1948 the track was adapted to the requirements of the time, thanks to which in the 1948 season speedway riders of the Ostrów Wielkopolski Motorcycle Club joined the inaugural league competition, in which they finished in a high, fourth place. In the following season the club was runner-up in the national championship, and in 1950 took third place. The turn of the 1940s and 1950s was the best period in the history of speedway in Ostrów Wielkopolski. In 1949 wooden barriers appeared on the curves of the speedway track and a year later also along the straights.

On September 5, 1952, during a training session, an accident occurred on the track, which resulted in the death of a teenage rider, Ryszard Pawlak. In early 1953, the speedway track was shortened to 387 metres and earth banks were laid around it. Before the start of the season, however, the speedway team was moved to Świętochłowice by decision of Rada Główna Zrzeszenia Sportowego “Stal” (Main Board of the "Stal" Sports Association). The return of the speedway league competition to Ostrów Wielkopolski came in 1955, when a new club, Ostrovia, took part in the competition. The section was disbanded after a few years, following the 1959 season.

In 1973, the stadium was rebuilt for the harvest festival. Stands with benches were built on the earth banks and the speedway track was shortened by 10 m.

The reactivation of the Ostrów speedway team took place only after 20 years, in the 1979 season. The Ostrów speedway riders regularly took part in the league competitions, although they did not have any significant success, they were only occasionally promoted to the first division, where they did not play a significant role so far.

In 1986 the track was shortened once again, this time to a length of 372 m. It was adapted so that six riders could race on it at the same time. On September 9, 2007 the final competition of the Speedway Under-21 World Championship was organised at the stadium. On this occasion, at a cost of PLN 7 million, a new, roofed stand was built in the central part of the western part of the stadium, which can accommodate nearly 1000 spectators. Floodlight masts were also installed around the track. After the competition, further upgrading was planned, with the extension and roofing of all other stands, but due to financial reasons the work did not come to fruition.

Since 2015 there has been a systematic renovation of the stands around the track, including the installation of plastic seating, as well as the modernisation of other elements of arena's infrastructure. The largest amount of work was done before the start of the 2022 season (in which Ostrovia, for the first time since 1998, returned to the top league), when PLN 15.6 million was spent on the renovation.

What other events, apart from speedway league struggles, take place at the Municipal Stadium in Ostrów Wielkopolski?

Apart from speedway riders, the stadium also hosts the football team of TP Ostrovia 1909, the Polish national speedway team, concerts (one of the biggest music events was the concert of Scorpions on May 17, 2008) and congresses of Jehovah's Witnesses.

What does the Municipal Stadium in Ostrów Wielkopolski look like?

The stadium has a capacity of 12,000 spectators. The main, roofed stand, which can accommodate 994 people, is located on the west side (in the central part). The recently modernised stands surrounding the speedway track on the other sides are not roofed and have folding seats in white and red. The visitors' sector is located in the middle of the northern curve. The speedway track is 372 m long, 14 m wide on the straights and 17 m wide on the curves. Floodlight masts are placed around the oval. There is a football pitch inside the track.