Miejski Stadion Sportowy im. Zygmunta Siedleckiego

27 (VIP seats)
Country Poland
ClubsMKS Pilica Białobrzegi
Inauguration 1981
Renovations 2016-2017, 2018-2019
Cost PLN 5.6 million (2018-2019)
Design Pracownia Projektowa Joanna Okraska (2018)
Address ul. 11 Listopada 57, 26-800 Białobrzegi


Stadion Pilicy Białobrzegi – stadium description

Built in 1981, the multi-use stadium in Białobrzegi covers a quarter in the west of town, along with one training field, tennis courts and minor sporting facilities. From its opening it offered only one grandstand but of a decent size. Landfill-based terrace could at peak hold up to 5,000 people but upon installation of seats in 8 of 9 sections (9th left for away fans) it went down to 2,800.

The venue remained nearly unchanged until 2018, although first major changes occured in 2016. This is when a modern 4-lane running track succeeded the old tarmac one, along with facilities for jumpers and throwers.

In mid-2018 demolition of the grandstand followed, to be replaced by a completely new one. This time with extensive facilities below (870 m2), fitting both the needs of football team Pilica and other athletes, amateur and professional. The capacity has decreased drastically, to just 715 people. While a major change since opening, it's a number sufficient for Białobrzegi in the medium term.

The remote building currently housing the changing rooms is to be left for secondary uses, especially with a new training field in mind.



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