Stadion Lublinianki

Country Poland
ClubsKS Lublinianka
Inauguration 22/07/1951
Renovations 2017-2018
Address Leszczyńskiego 19, 20-068 Lublin


Stadion Lublinianki – stadium description

One of the oldest existing stadia in the entire Lublin region, this historical venue is located in the east of Wieniawa district. It's already the third football stadium to be used by Lublinianka, having replaced stadia located at Okopowa and Lipowa streets.

First plans for the stadium were created in late 1940's and the location wasn't incidental. During World War II the Nazis have razed local synagogue and Jewish cemetery and created a playing field, giving a starting point to the city ongoing post-war reconstruction.

As was common in socialist republics, the construction was largely carried out as part of subbotnik, unpaid 'voluntary' work by locals, including secondary school students, soldiers and militia officers. The process took a few years and was ended with opening in 1951.

The resulting venue served purposes of second- and third-level football in the following years, as well as a major gathering place for non-sporting occasions. One of them was the public meeting with Lech Wałęsa in 1981. At that point the irregular horseshoe (north end open) was able to hold some 9,000 people.

Due to lack of resources in post-transformation years, the stadium quickly fell into dramatic disrepair, seeing the final games of Lublinianka in 1995/96. 5 years later the land was sold to a Norwegian investor wanting to build a shopping centre. However, the plans were scrapped eventually due to the remainders of cemetery below field level, which could have been desacrated. By 2010 the stadium has been taken over by MOSiR, the sport subsidiary of the municipality.

In 2017 thorough revamp began, though a very limited one and largely funded by supporters voting through Lublin's participatory budget. The old stands were removed and only a temporary grandstand was erected beside the field.



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