Stadion Leśny w Sopocie

Capacity5 000
Country Poland
Other names Sportowe Boisko Stulecia (1926 - ?)
Inauguration 1926
Construction 1923-1926
Address ul. Wybickiego 48, 81-842 Sopot


Stadion Leśny w Sopocie – stadium description

Or simply Forest Stadium in Sopot, as the name is translated. When it was opened in 1926, the name was completely different and so was the shape. But from the start its location in Dolina Owcza (Sheep Valley) with three sides enclosed by natural wooded hills provided for a very charming ambiance.

Though potentially capable of hosting football, this venue is used solely for athletic and commercial events. Instead of a football pitch one may find several other fields inside the running track, with tennis court to start with.

The northern side of the stadium is its most distinctive one. Though the massive stand holding most of 5,000 seated spectators is supported by natural hill, it isn’t a regular structure concrete laying directly on land. It’s a giant steel frame with irregular sections and staircases and very big slope. This gives it not only great sightlines for events, but also a unique appearance.

Opposite is a very modest section with just several dozen seats and a charming house, current headquarters of the Sopot Athletics Club (SKLA).



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