Stadion Lekkoatletyczny w Lublinie

Capacity1 370
Country Poland
Inauguration 18/10/2017
Construction 05/2016 - 10/2017
Cost PLN 34.8 million
Design Arconel
Contractor Budimex, Tamex Obiekty Sportowe
Address Aleja Józefa Piłsudskiego 22, 20-001 Lublin


Stadion Lekkoatletyczny w Lublinie – stadium description

The track and field stadium in central Lublin, built in mid-20th century, was dilapidating gradually over the years. Last renovation happened in early 1990s and, with time, extensive revamp became a necessity. Thus, in 2016, the city council decided to allocate resources for the project to begin.

Work started from the demolition of old terracing and the maintenance building in the north east, along the Bystrzyca River. Further stages included construction of a much smaller covered grandstand on top of a partly-underground building with all vital sporting facilities. New running track, sound and floodlighting systems followed.

The ground meets all crucial IAAF requirements for Category III A, which means both domestic and international events can take place here. Just a year after its completion the stadium hosted its first major event, the Athletics Championship of Poland. It's possible to play football at the venue, however it would require reconfiguration of the playing field and is not considered due to growing football infrastructure in the city.

The single grandstand provides 1,370 covered seats and behind it youth athletes from across the city can find a training running track, though only over 150-meter-long due to spatial constraints. Allowing detailed time and distance measurement technologies, the stadium meets all major criteria for amateur and professional athletics.

It cost almost PLN 35 million to complete in 2017, which represents over €8 million. Over a third of the price tag was covered by the Ministry of Sports and Tourism. Remainder had to be footed by Lublin taxpayers.



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