Stadion Miejski im. Inowrocławskich Olimpijczyków

Capacity3 500
Country Poland
ClubsKS Cuiavia Inowrocław
Renovations 2009-2011
Cost 11,4 mln zł
Contractor Alstal, Romines
Address ul. Wierzbińskiego 2, Inowrocław

Description: Stadion Inowrocławskich Olimpijczyków

The ground was closed for re development in 2009-2011 and reopened only in April 2012, though finished 5 months earlier. For a total of 11,4m zloty main grandstand with cover and extensive infrastructure for sports and maintenance was erected. Apart from that new sections with seating were placed around the athletics track, giving a total capacity of 3,500 and making it the main multi-sport venue of Inowroclaw.

Though the stadium existed before, only in 2012 was it given the name of Inowroclaw’s Olympians.