Stadion Miejski w Pobiedziskach (Stadion Huraganu Pobiedziska)

207 (Covered seats)
Country Poland
ClubsMGKS Huragan Pobiedziska
Renovations 1997
Address ul. Kiszkowska 7, 62-010 Pobiedziska

Description: Stadion Huraganu Pobiedziska

Located just south of the lovely Biezdruchowo Lake (waters of which can be seen right behind the north end) the Pobiedziska municipal stadium serves the local club Huragan on day-to-day basis, but it also received some coverage with live broadcasts of two U19 Euro games in 2006.

West side is dominated by land embankment accommodating 713 people, while to the east the main club building with a modest covered grandstand are located.



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