Stadion Miejski im. Leszka Zakrzewskiego (Stadion Floty Świnoujście)

Capacity3 070
1,930 (Main stand)
1,140 (North stand)
210 (Away section)
Country Poland
ClubsMKS Flota Świnoujście
Floodlights 200 lux
Renovations 2011-2012, 2016-2017
Adress Matejki 22 Street, 72-600 Świnoujście


Stadion Leszka Zakrzewskiego – stadium description

Located north of the old town, the stadium is located on the Usedom island. And while it's in Poland, you can only reach it by road from Germany, otherwise a ferry is required. It's surrounded by thick woodland and has an east-west axis, which means fans are seated on the north and south sides.

Initially both grandstands were of a similar size, with 5 sections of equal length each, the north had six rows, while the south had seven. However, in 2008 four additional rows were added on top of the south side.

Both stands are based on landfill, although the main one received a double-level glazed pavilion to include crucial media infrastructure. That same year the south stand was covered. In 2016 further works were carried out, with four floodlight masts allowing evening training. In 2017 work concluded on the stadium's running track, offering 4 lanes throughout and 6 lanes for sprinters.

Starting 2008, the city of Świnoujście has spent, respectively PLN 2.6 million (capacity increase), 7.2 million (covering of the south side and media pavilion), 2.9 million (floodlights and running track), bringing the total to nearly 12.8 million.



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