Stadion Gminny w Czosnowie

Country Poland
Inauguration 30/05/2015
Construction 2013 - 05/2015
Cost PLN 2.3 million
Design Studio Architektury Format
Contractor Connectaplus
Address Leśna, 05-152 Czosnów, Poland


Stadion w Czosnowie – stadium description

This interesting stadium along northern route out of Warsaw catches the eye of drivers with modern shape and metallic cladding. And while it’s been available for viewing since 2014, official opening only happened a year later, in mid-2015.

The venue consists of synthetic main field, western grandstand and a speaker box in the east. The grandstand, part concrete and part steel, has an original cross-section resembling the letter C. The stand itself has no facilities, players have to change in a temporary pavilion while fans use port-o-potty.

Eventually permanent amenities for sportsmen and viewers will be available in larger indoor hall planned beside the stadium, but this part of the planned Sports and Culture Complex is yet to be delivered, despite having been planned back in 2008.



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