Stadion MOSiR w Jaśle (Stadion Czarnych Jasło)

793 (Seats)
78 (Covered seats)
80 (Away section)
Country Poland
ClubsJKS Czarni 1910 Jasło
Inauguration 1928
Renovations 1948, 1970–1972
Design Stanisław Macudziński
Address Śniadeckich 15, 38-200 Jasło


Stadion Czarnych Jasło – stadium description

Jasło's main football stadium was built in 1928 on the initiative of the city council. Its construction was a community effort, including work by players of Czarni and unemployed residents. There wasn't that much work to be done though, because only a couple of rows of auditorium were created.

The field was built almost directly north of the municipal glassworks, which meant very little space for a south terrace between turf and the wall. For this reason the north stand has served as the main one already early on.

During WWII the stadium served two roles. Initially, from 1941, it was the base for Nazi armoured division. Later on it became the meeting point for people caught in raids. Football was played in Jasło during Nazi occupation but not here. In fact, Czarni as a football team lost almost all documentation of their pre-war activity during the 1944 complete demolition of the town (over 1,000 buildings were burned or blown up).

The glassworks resumed activity immediately, in 1945, to produce glass for windows of damaged buildings. The football field also came back to life, though repairs were gradually carried out over many months. Further upgrades came in 1970-72, when the current north stand took its shape.

To this day players aren't changing at the stadium, rather in the club building behind it. The south stand is no longer in use due to very low safety level. Away section is operational in the north-east, able to hold 80 people, all standing.



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