Stadion im. Czesława Kobusa (Stadion Chemika Bydgoszcz)

Capacity15 000
950 (Seats)
Country Poland
ClubsBKS Chemik Bydgoszcz
Inauguration 1974
Renovations 2015
Address ul. Glinki 79, 85-861 Bydgoszcz, Poland


Stadion Chemika Bydgoszcz – stadium description

One of Bydgoszcz’s three large stadiums (beside Zawisza and Polonia), this one is unique for its auditorium layout, partly resulting from the ground’s location. Taller western terrace has over 40 rows at peak, visually dominating the area. Lower one in the east is less than half that height and each of these creates a half-crescent, leaving each goal open.

Or so it was planned in 1974, when engineer A. Pietrzak created the stadium. Currently the layout is disrupted by a supermarket built in the north, making the stadium lose its symmetry.

Occupied by multi-discipline club Chemik, in 2004 the stadium has been named after Chemik’s president Czesław Kobus, under whose reign the stadium was built. Now transferred to the municipality, it’s heavily underfinanced and in dire need of upgrades. First major improvement came in late 2015, following a successful campaign by supporters in Bydgoszcz’s participatory budget. As a result, the east stand is now equipped with 950 seats.



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