Stadion Miejski w Wyszkowie (Stadion Bugu Wyszków)

Capacity6 900
200 (Seats)
Country Poland
ClubsMKS Bug Wyszków
Inauguration 1950.
Renovations 1993, 2008
Address Kościuszki 54, 07-200 Wyszków


Stadion Bugu Wyszków – stadium description

The municipal stadium in Wyszków was built 1950s and is thus one of the oldest in Mazovia, excluding Warsaw’s grounds. The stadium saw its best days in early 1990s as local team Bug was promoted to Polish second flight and not only brought crowds, but also forced a renovation.

Stands are located on both sides of the pitch with dominant western terrace holding most of the official 7,000 capacity. However, this number is brutally untrue as trees were planted in front of the end zones (!) because of low demand and would now make it impossible to see the pitch, making curve sections unusable.



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