Stadion ZOS Bałtyk

Capacity4 000
1,500 (Seats)
330 (Covered seats)
Country Poland
ClubsKKPN Bałtyk Koszalin
Inauguration 1935
Renovations 1946, 2007, 2010
Address ul. Andersa 16, 75-436 Koszalin, Polska


Stadion Bałtyku – stadium description

It’s the oldest and most centrally-located stadium operating in Koszalin. It lies along the Dzierżęcinka River just out of the old town. It was opened in 1935, but didn’t operate long before the WWII began. After the Nazi reign it was relaunched into operation in 1945, while full repairs ended in 1946.

Current situation preserves nearly all of the stadium’s initial layout with low landfill stands throughout the stadium and one taller in the west, accommodating all player infrastructure. In 2010 part of the east side was covered.



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