Stadion 650-lecia w Słupsku

Capacity5 000
3000 (Seats)
Country Poland
Other names Hindenburgkampfbahn (1926-1959)
Inauguration 15.08.1926
Renovations 1959, 1983, 2004-2006
Address ul.Madalińskiego, 76-200 Słupsk


Stadion 650-lecia – stadium description

When opened in 1926, it was named Hindenburgkampfbahn (Hindenburg Stadium). President of the II Reich Hindenburg was in attendance that day, as were some 40,000 people. A massive number if keeping in mind the venue could officially hold 2,400 spectators.

First major revamp after the city had been claimed by Poland after WWII came in 1959, when Słupsk was preparing to celebrate its 650th anniversary. Reopening took place in 1960 with the new name in place. Further works came in 1983 and last revamp dates back to 2006, when it received its current shape.

The U-shaped venue still sits on land slopes and just like in 1926 has two stands only – one with seats (3,000) and one with terracing (2,000).