Stade Moulay Abdallah

Capacity65 000
1500 (VIP section)
150 (Disabled seats)
25,000 (Covered seats)
Country Morocco
ClubsForces Armées Royales Rabat
Inauguration 1983
Renovations 2001
Address Avenue Hassan II, Rabat, Morocco

Description: Stade Moulay Abdallah

Rabat's largest stadium and second biggest in all of Morocco was built in south-western outskirts of the city in 1983. It never received any major redevelopments, but was thoroughly renovated in 2001, receiving individual seats, many of which were later ripped out.

Apart from hosting games by FAR and Fath Rabat it is also one of the homes for Morocco national team and played host to 1988 CAN matches. It was also proposed to hold 2006 and 2010 World Cup games, when Morocco attempted to become the first ever African hosts.



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