Stadion Balgarska Armia

Capacity22 015
21 890 (Seats)
90 (VIP seats)
125 (Press seats)
Country Bulgaria
ClubsPFK CSKA Sofiya
Other names AS-23 (1923-1944), Chavdar (1944-1948), Narodna Armia (1948-1990)
Floodlights 2100 lux
Inauguration 1951
Renovations 1965-67, 1982, 1998, 2000, 2015, 2016
Address 1040, bul. "Dragan Tsankov" 3, 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria


Stadion Balgarska Armia – stadium description

Bulgarian Army Stadium is located here Since 1923, though initially it was home to Slavia, not CSKA. In its current shape it stands since 1980’s when its second complete revamp took place. It was then, in 1982, that the ground received floodlight masts and later on there were also several other modernization works – new seats and public address system.

Those were not enough though. In 2005 the ministry of interior transferred the stadium to Bulgaria’s sports ministry to enable further works. Despite big promises no major works were carried out and by 2010 the stadium couldn’t cope with regulations. Ambitious plans of building a new 30,000-capacity stadium were delivered but fell through and it ended with the ground having just another facelift.

Main stand provides cover for some 2,100 people and its infrastructure accommodates club museum and a significant press conference hall. Surrounding complex also comprises of tennis and basketball courts and track and field infrastructure.



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