Allianz Stadium (Sydney Football Stadium)

Capacity45 500
Country Australia
ClubsSydney Roosters RLC, New South Wales Waratahs, Sydney FC
Other names Aussie Stadium (2002-2005)
Inauguration 1988
Renovations 2007, 2015
Record attendance 43,967 (Australia - Argentina)
Cost A$ 68 mln
Design Philip Cox, Richardson and Taylor (1988)
Address Moore Park Road, Paddington

Description: Allianz Stadium

In 1980’s Sydney remained a city without even one representative football/rugby stadium. That’s why a new one was chosen to stand in Paddington, in the place of a secondary cricket venue. Actually, to this day Sydney Cricket Ground Trust still is the owner and operator of the venue.

Construction took two years, starting in 1986. The stadium was designed by some of the best Australian architects with professor Philip Cox starting the list. Back in the days its dynamic shape both on the stands and roof made it very distinctive. Capacity was initially set at 41,159, but over the years was raised by almost 4,500 extra seats. Last renovation to date took place in 2007 when new screens were fitted.

Sydney Football Stadium, or simply SFS, has three anchor tenants, two of them being rugby league sides and one a football club of the A-League. Apart from games of these three a long list of other events took place here, to start with 2000 Olympics (part of the football tournament) or 2003 Rugby World Cup and numerous concerts, with the likes of Bon Jovi, U2, Peral Jam or Eminem on the list.



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