Don Valley Stadium – until 2013

Capacity25 000
10 000 (Covered seats)
Country England
Build year1990
Last renovation year2008
Retire year2013
Inauguration 1990
Renovations 2008
Cost £ 29mln


Don Valley Stadium – historical stadium description

England's second largest athletic stadium was opened in 1990, when Sheffield was gearing up to host the 1991 Universiade. Capacity of 25,000 seats was divided between banks of the sunken bowl (almost 5 meters below ground level, altogether some 15,000 seats) and the southern main grandstand (10,000). The latter structure was very distinctive with its yellow steel pylons supporting the tensile roof, each over 25 meters high.

After the 1991 tournament the stadium in Don River's Valley went through a variety of phases and uses, being home to rugby or American football games as well as athletic events and concerts. Those were the biggest events here, with audiences of up to 50,000. Last years of existence were marked with football, though, as Rotherham United were temporarily playing host here in 2008-2012, before opening their own ground.

With no chance of filling the event calendar and the stadium being a major burden for public budget, Sheffield city council announced in January 2013 that the stadium is to be demolished. Despite strong opposition among the community (some 6,000 signatures against the move) demolition began in November 2013. A few years later, on the site of the demolished stadium, a new, very modest football and rugby venue was built.





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