The Float @ Marina Bay (Marina Bay Stadium)

Capacity30 000
Country Singapore
Inauguration 04.2007
Construction 03.2006-04.2007
Contractor SembCorp Marine
Address 20 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039805


The Float @ Marina Bay – stadium description

One of the world’s most unusual football stadium as formally it’s not even a stadium. Temporarily, though, it replaces the national ground which has been torn down and is being replaced. It has one stand accommodating a massive 30,000 people. It’s been part of the racing circuit, but since April 2007 the globe’s largest floating platform has been built in front of it, hosting – among others – football games.

Assembling this unique float took 13 months. The platform, mostly steel-made is supported by 15 pontoons, each connected to neighbouring ones like puzzle pieces. Initially it was planned to last for only 5 years, meaning dismantling works in 2012, but as the national stadium construction became delayed, its life became instantly prolonged.