Stadion Resovii

Capacity3 420
250 (Away section)
Country Poland
ClubsCWKS Resovia
Inauguration 1949
Renovations 1984, 2004-2006
Address ul. Wyspiańskiego 22, 35-111 Rzeszów


Stadion Resovii – stadium description

Built in late 1940s, the stadium of Resovia was officially opened in 1949. It enabled local athletes to practice not just football and athletics, but also tennis, volleyball and motorcycle speedway – of course along with extensive facilities for changing and maintenance. At the time of opening it was perceived as one of the best multi-use venues in the region.

It didn't just serve locals, the stadium was also host of the 1985 Spartakiad, for which it went through its first major renovation. A new tartan track was created for that occasion.

Owned by Resovia, the stadium suffered along with the sports club. As a result, the stadium had to be transferred to a different entity, the Rzeszów School of Education. Resovia retained rights to use the venue, while the public school covered maintenance.

Further renovations came in 2004-2006 and resulted in renovated auditorium and athletics facilities. It was highly controversial for compromised results, long duration and high cost, not mentioning (though mentioning, actually...) numerous repairs that had to follow initial works.

Not long afterwards plans were drawn to create Rzeszów's prime sports precinct here, with facilities for numerous disciplines but primarily football and athletics. One version was to transfer the stadium to a private developer who would rebuild it in return for a skyscraper and/or shopping centre nearby. Eventually a public option proved the only one but it wasn't until 2012 that the then-owners Rzeszów University finally transferred the stadium to the city of Rzeszów. As of 2019, for formal reasons, the plan is still waiting for implementation.



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