Stadion Hutnika Warszawa

Capacity6 000
550 (Seats)
Country Poland
ClubsBKS Hutnik Warszawa
Inauguration 1985
Renovations 2008, 2011
Address Marymoncka 42, 01-977 Warszawa

Description: Stadion Hutnika Warszawa

Hutnik stadium lies in the northern outskirts of Warsaw, just a stone's throw away from Vistula. It was built for the club in 1985, allowing their tenancy at nearby AWF stadium to end. During Hutnik's heyday in 1980s and 90s games of up to the second division took place here.

Picturesque location on the verge of Las Bielański, the stadium has field surrounded from all sides by tall embankments. However only the western crescent was transformed into terracing, the east side never made it and was reclaimed by nature to some extent. Because Hutnik's success didn't last long after regime change, any major plans for the stadium were effectively shelved and it became ill-maintained.

From 2008 onwards gradual renovations began, however only the smallest amount of investment to meet league requirements was made. As a result, the stadium has small patches of individual seats mounted atop the dilapidated wooden benches. Hutnik's ascent to the 4th tier prompted some of those works. Because seats come from various other stadium across Warsaw, they're not consistent in terms of colours, though Hutnik's orange and black dominate.

By early 2020s the stadium is to be completely rebuilt as part of a major football training academy.



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