John Smith’s Stadium (Kirklees Stadium)

Capacity24 169
4054 (Away section)
Country England
ClubsHuddersfield Town FC
Other names Kirklees Stadium (while planning), Alfred McAlpine Stadium (1994-2004), Galpharm Stadium (2004-2012)
Inauguration 1994
Construction 1993-1998
Cost £ 40 million
Record attendance 23,678 (Huddersfield Town - Liverpool FC, 1999)
Design Populous
Contractor Alfred McAlpine
Address Stadium Way, Huddersfield, HD1 6PX England

Description: John Smith’s Stadium

Decision to build a new stadium in Huddersfield was made in 1992. HOK Sport (later Populous) architects were the ones on the job, while renowned Albert McAlpine took care of construction, letar becoming the first naming rights holder.

Works started in 1993 and opening took place in mid-1994. Interestingly, only two stands were fully operable at that time, with the stadium being completed as late as 1998.

Its distinctive roof structure based on steel beams supported in the corners may seem symmetrical, but this is only an illusion. In fact, each stand is different. West and north ones have two tiers (with 26 and 16 skyboxes, respectively), with western one also being the tallest stand. It has temporary lower tier seating, allowing for concert stages to be set up. East and south sides are single-tiered, backed on the land slope. South one is the one away followings are allocated at.

Upon completion it was thought to be among the most innovative stadiums in England, receiving RIBA Building of the Year in 1995. Ownership is split 60/40 by owner of both clubs playing here (one of them a rugby side) and the local council.



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